Website traffic :How i drove traffic to my websites/blog

Website traffic :How i drove traffic to my websites/blog

Hello every one I will be teaching you guys how i drove so much traffic to my site. Every website owner battles one thing and that is making his/her traffic packed up. Having a blog with no traffic on it daily is waste of effort on both the blog developer and editors. This has discouraged so many from delving into the profession.

Here is the six (6) methods I used. They work perfectly although some of them will require you contact your developers or me to help you out.

1. Creating eye-catchy contents

2. Push up Notifications

3.Soctal media comment plugin

4. Email subscription

5. Installing/Enabling cookies

6. SEO (Search Engine optimization ) rankings

  1. I learnt that the eyes gets satisfied first before the brain. When anyone be holds a blog/site,the appearance of the site is important. Therefore one must be making eye-catchy posts that are original. Originality is important or Google will denire you their adsense (pls do not mind my grammer ). Ensure to make good post,good contents brings good audience and makes them stay. Many will want to book mark your blog for future reference.

2. Seo-ranking(Search Engine Optimization )

The truth is that many has heard about SEO but just few knows what it is truly,talk more of knowing how to do it. SEO is easy but its a bit technical and you can’t manuveur any process so you must learn it. SEO is a topic on its own,i will discussing on this another time . SEO ranking is a huge way to drive traffic to your blog.

3.Social Media comment plugin

Why using old comment template while You can actually install cum enable social media comment plugin and drive traffic to your site/blog. I am using Facebook comment plugin on this site which enables people to comment and the comment will be shared on their facebook wall/timeline. How does this plugin work?. This plugin has a check box to where a user can check the box while commenting and its automatically shared on their wall. It takes no time to share. If you don’t know how,contact me.

4. Push up Notification

Another interesting or perfect way to drive traffic to your site is via push up Notification. There are alot of push up notifications tools cum plugins. I will not discuss what push up Notification is in this publication but i am no interested on how it drives traffic to my/your blog . When you install (configure) a push up Notification plugin,you can use it to catch your audience and when they click on it,they will always be notified anytime a new content is published.

5.Email subscription

One of the most active way to drive website traffic to my site. TO BE CONTINUED