The kidney village in Nepal. It’s fascinating though. Read!!!

So There happened to be a village in Nepal(a country in southern Asia with boundaries with China and India. Mountain Everest which is the tallest mount is in Nepal ) called the “Kidney village” where almost everyone has sold one kidney. It sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?. It’s actually 100% true. The mystery is why they keep saling their kidneys?

They sell their kidney for as low as £160( $211.61) to organ traffickers who then charge the recipients £6500 upwards. They make 40 times more than they initially purchased it. It’s inhuman but its happening to a whole community in Asia. Asia is considered developed and enlightened, so why will they let this continue. The only answer is that government is involved and its a multibillion dollar market.

The image above: Surgical scars

The traffickers trick them, making them believe their kidneys would grow back. How unfortunate! .. kidney don’t regrow,once it’s sold or bad,it can’t be replaced!

This illegal trade has risen to such a level that an estimated 10,000 black-market operations involving purchased human organs now take place annually – more than one every hour – according to the World Health Organisation.

Whooping 7,000 plus kidneys are gotten from these people every year. Every Damn year including this year 2020. What is so sick about all these is that no one wants to do anything about it. They deserve more credit than they getting for these enormous sacrifices. The world should do something for them. Many of us are probably having their kidneys in us,our children or relatives.

Every single one of them has a scar acquired during the dangerous operations.… we all owe them

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