President Joe Biden administration summarized in few words

President Joe Biden administration summarized in few words

JOE BIDEN Up until now

  1. Biden’s Secretary of State will get US consulates to fly LGBTQ banner close by US banners, after Trump prohibited it.
  2. President Trump restored and extended “worldwide gag rule” – an arrangement that precludes US subsidizing for worldwide fetus removal providers…Biden has dropped it. US will presently subsidize fetus removal suppliers around the world.
  3. Previous UK Head administrator, Cameron and previous US President, Barack Obama pulled out Monetary Guide from and compromised extreme approvals on countries with dynamic enemy of gay laws including Nigeria. In his own accommodation, previous Nigerian president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan noticed that Cameron eventually straightforwardly compromised him and his organization and promised to do whatever it took to guarantee Nigeria revoked their “unpleasant” gay laws and got responsive to that lifestyle, legitimately.
  4. VP Kampala Harris has vowed to legalize prostitution round the world.

Today, Joe Biden has given an Official Reminder that extends Obama/Cameron worldwide push for worldwide acknowledgment and authorization of the Lesbian Gay Cross-sexual Transsexual Eccentric (LGBTQ) way of life

Note: Evidences traces back to former US president being a gay,Maybe that’s why they are all forcing it down on everyone.

The update educates US Organizations abroad “to think about proper reactions, including the full scope of Political Devices and Monetary Authorizes and VISA Limitations when unfamiliar governments confined the privileges of LGBTQ individuals.” Nigeria is one of those unfamiliar governments.

This straightforwardly places Nigeria in the line fire for its long standing Enemy of gay position. In Nigeria and quite a bit of Africa, the gay way of life is seen as ethically, socially and generally contradictory.

What many seems to forget is that Biden will not relent till he accomplishes the will of his masters.

Answer this: Since your Trump halfway migration boycott has been lifted, will you be tolerating the sanctioning of gay marriage in Nigeria for visas to the US or would you acknowledge Biden’s possible Full Visas Limitations?

Conclusively they are violating the sovereignty of the Nigerian state and many others just to get their agendas approved. China,Russia, North Korea,Turkey and Israel seems to be the only nations free from their draconian laws.

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