Pastor Reno omokri moves for disintegration of Nigeria  in his latest Facebook post/tweet

Pastor Reno omokri moves for disintegration of Nigeria in his latest Facebook post/tweet

Disintegration of Nigeria: The former Aid to ex-President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has moved for the peaceful dissolution of Nigeria

In his recent facebook post, he said that he loves unity but not unity at all cost. This statement was as a result of the verbal assaults/threats against Bishop Kukah in control of sokoto Catholic diocese .

Bshop kukah stated few weeks back that if any other ex president of Nigeria was so tribalistic like Buhari ,by now there would have been a coup carried out by northern Muslim.

After those factual remark from Bishop kukah, Northerners has been attacking and threatening his life. Even issued an eviction notice to him.

Read Pastor Reno’s words in his Facebook post this morning “

These 2 comments say much about how religion and tribalism divides Nigeria. After Femi Otedola donated $14 million, a beneficiary of his donation is even denying that there was such a donation. Meanwhile, Borno has multiple billionaires who boast about their private jets, and their marriages to the daughters of present and former Nigerian Presidents. Anyway, I don’t blame him. Some even deny that Jonathan built almajiri schools! If a Christian uttered the rubbish Zulum uttered, Nigeria would be on fire. Take Kukah’s Christmas message. No mention of Islam. Yet, JNI, MURIC and Sharia Council of Nigeria want to crucify him. I believe in unity, but not unity at all cost. If we can’t stay together peacefully, perhaps we should go our separate ways!

Under the comment sections many Nigerians has stated that Mazi nnamdi kanu is right. What he stated very many years ago is coming to pass today. He advocated for disintegration of Nigeria but likes of Pastor Reno omokri said he was wrong only to finally accept the truth later.