IPOB: DOS Reveals Kanu’s dispute With Deputy, Mefor

IPOB: DOS Reveals Kanu’s dispute With Deputy, Mefor

Ipob:DOS Reveals Kanu’s Grouse With His Deputy, Mefor. The Indigenous People of Biafra, has spoken on why its chief, Nnamdi Kanu is combating with his deputy, Uche Mefor. In a circular via the Head of Directorate , Chika Edoziem, the organization blamed its deputy of disobedience , sabotage and indiscipline.

According to the memo, Mefor was informed by Kanu to be attending Unit conferences of the organization in United Kingdom as well as paying month-to-month dues like each contributor, however he disobeyed, giving the excuse that he is the deputy, he’s entitled to a few privileges as Kanu.

As if that is not enough, the circular similarly explained, he sacked the National coordinator in Uk, which the institution has stated that he has no authority to do even with out informing Kanu.

Edoziem also said that the United Kingdom coordinator of ipob was later fired by Mefor however Kanu refused his sack and instead requested him to serve the suspension stated on him by the deputy.

This singular act caused the prevailing competition among Mefor and his boss . He transferred the aggression on Kanu and different participants of the institution via writing to the British Home Office with the goal to break and nullify each asylum possibilities of asylum seekers in Uk.

The stated letter written by Mefor as stated by Edoziem has made it not possible for participants in UK to get hold of beneficial hearing on the tribunals.

Besides flagrant disobedience , Edoziem stated that Mefor on many events have faced Kanu, thereby showing gross misconduct and indiscipline .

Following these sins performed by Mefor, he has now been expelled as a member at the same time as his role in line with Edoziem has been outlawed by the chief of the institution, Kanu