Introducing zolous, a community set to transform the world with Hydra token.

Zolous is a community of friends from all over the world who come together with a desire to live in a harmonious world based on the principle of sustainability. A community network of companions who wants to live in an amicable world dependent on the guideline of supportability. It’s goal is to create a substanable community where individuals, nature and science are brought together in harmony, thus creating an idealistic network.

The idea about Zolous community is to create a network that reward or pay every member a universal basic income UBI on daily basis. Members of Zolous community are paid 380 Hydra (HDA) token every day to encourage individual to live a prosperous, peaceful, healthy and substainable life. Hydra is advanced cash that permits individuals to create value, pay, move, and contribute to the community growth. It is a digital currency that encourages individuals from ZoloUs to move value.

Hydra ​(HDA) is an ERC20 token, a digital currency exclusively earned as a member of Zolous community. Hydra token was created on the 14th of May 2020 with 21,000,000,000,000 Hydra (HDA) initial reserve. Each day, the token value is expanding by 5%. 76% of this reserve token goes to Zolous community members while 24% goes to the founder. Hydra (HDA) token is already featured on the DEX as a potential token but not yet active, and can be found on any ERC-20 token supported wallet where it can be traded or exchange to other crypto currencies of choice as from December 2020. Along these lines, ZoloUs Community members have cash to go through with loved ones just as an ideal opportunity to invest and find new opportunities.

How to earn Hydra (HDA)

To earn Hydra token you have to first sign up to be a member of Zolous community free either using an invite link or register directly from their website. You will receive 380 HDA immediately you sign up and confirm your email address. But the advantage is to use a referral link to claim additional 500 HDA token making your sign up bonus to total 880 HDA token. From here, you start receiving your daily universal basic income UBI of 380 HDA token every day for life as a member of Zolous community. Interested to use an invite link click on the link below to register and claim your bonus. Hey! I’m inviting you to join us. You can get digital money daily to do what you love. Sign up with my link:

When to withdraw your Hydra token

Presently members are not allowed to withdraw. According to the website, withdrawal will be made possible when Zolous community app will be launch as from October to December 2020. Though Hydra HDA token has been featured on the DEX, it’s not yet traded. Members are encouraged to be patient while accumulating more token till the app is launch. To this end, members are to prepare to do a KYC to access funds and possibly withdrawal.

As at the time of writing this article 1 HDA token is valued at $4.5, and it is estimated to be valued at $10 by the time Zolous community app will be launched

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