Facebook censorship: Poland to slap Facebook with a 2.2 billion dollars fine over violations of human rights.

Facebook censorship: Poland to slap Facebook with a 2.2 billion dollars fine over violations of human rights.

Facebook censorship

Poland To Fine Facebook $2.2b . A new law/regulations is due to be passed in Poland that would fine Big Tech firms a staggering $2.2 million every time they unconstitutionally censor lawful free speech online. Many calls it a welcome idea and urges every free world to follow suit

While socialist/communist governments in the freeworld nations seek to fine social media giants Facebook and Twitter for failing to remove so-called “hate speech,” Poland is taking a wise different approach.

“Under its provisions, social media services will not be allowed to remove content or block accounts if the content on them does not break Polish law.” Many has being saying this and Poland seems to be the first country with the spine to do so. Big tech companies has turned into a new world order which seeks to control every aspect of our lives. Changing our perception of life to theirs because what we see and hear determines how we live.

“In the event of removal or blockage, a complaint can be sent to the platform, which will have 24 hours to consider it.”

“Within 48 hours of the decision, the user will be able to file a petition to the court for the return of access. The court will consider complaints within seven days of receipt and the entire process is to be electronic.” The whole is super fast and sweet.

Polish Justice Minister Zbigniew Ziobro made clear that the legal initiative was designed to fight censorship of which Facebook is the king. Mark has turned into an online dictator and tyrant who cares less to nothing on how you feel about what they do. Big tech wants to make our brains redundant.

Ziobro asserted that it wouldn’t impact the right of people who have been slandered or defamed to pursue justice.

“Often, the victims of tendencies for ideological censorship are also representatives of various groups operating in Poland, whose content is removed or blocked, just because they express views and refer to values that are unacceptable from the point of view of communities… with an ever-stronger influence on the functioning of social media,” Ziobro stated. The 64 million dollar question is “why should someone be censored for e xcercise their rights as a free born. This things big tech do now only happens in china

“We realize that it is not an easy topic,” he continued.

“We realize that on the internet there should also be a sphere of guarantees for everybody who feels slandered, a sphere of limitation of various content which may carry with it a negative impact on the sphere of other people’s freedom,” he said.

“But we would like to propose such tools that will enable both one side and the other to call for the decision of a body that will be able to adjudicate whether content appearing on such and such a social media account really violates personal rights, whether it can be eliminated, or whether there is censorship.”

This should be the model for all developed countries that value free speech, especially the United States. Big tech needs to be curtailed or outrightly cancelled. In President Trump words “Repeal section 230”