EndSARS Protest Movement Launches A New Application, Creates Online Radio Station

By Ikenna Chibiko

Endsarsnow protesters have created a radio station for dissemination of news and announcements for the youths.

Follow this link to join the online radio station


The movement has also created and application for the ongoing revolution movement.

Follow the link here to join the group on the application.


A friendly reminder to please join the #endsars movement. We may never get an opportunity like this again. To be candid, if you are not participating then you are part of the problem.

The establishment and political class are hoping we do not band together. They are hoping that right now isn’t a convenient time for you to participate in the governance of this country. They have fired tear gas. Killed. Sent out bandits to disrupt peaceful protests.They want things to remain the same. But we say enough. THIS FORM WILL TAKE NO MORE THAN 20 SECONDS TO FILL OUT. It will be the second step in the #endsars movement. A step that ensures we are unified and financially ready to bring foward our voice and candidate in 2023. Stop whatever you are doing right now and fill out this form. It is not enough to simply like posts on social media. PARTICIPATE!

When you are done filling this form, take out time and send it to 100 people on WhatsApp.

We are stronger together!!!