Dominion Executive Being Scrubbed From The Internet After He’s Caught Red-Handed

Dominion Executive Being Scrubbed From The Internet After He’s Caught Red-Handed

The Dominion Software Systems that is answerable for the “glitches” and other “irregularities” withinside the 2020 election at the moment are trying a “cover-up.” According to reports, the Vice President of Engineering for Dominion Voting, Dr. Eric Coomer, is being scrubbed from the internet, and that they have employed a public members of the family corporation for harm manipulate after he turned into stuck redhanded. Don’t pass over this.

Eric Coomer is one of the names on the way to move down in infamy. He is likewise a person Dominion Software Systems would really like to forget. Coomer is being scrubbed from the net over problems that Dominion acknowledges are big issues they wish to distance themselves from.

becameviable to skip election structuressoftware program and moveimmediately to the statistics tables that controlstructuresstrolling elections in Illinois.His reactionbecame, “Yes, in the event that they have get entry to.”Coomer becametalking with Sharon Meroni, of “Defend the Vote.”Bypassing the election structuressoftware programmanner whoever has get entry to can probablycontrol the vote with out many dangers of detection.

So the querydesires to be requested, who has get entry toto thosestatistics tables?” Meroni reviews.“We requested Dr. Coomer that query. Dr. Coomer replied, ‘Vendors, election officials, and others who want to be granted get entry to.’”“This is explosive information,” Meroni adds. “Dr. Coomer’s assertion is an admission that numerous vendors, election officials, and others have get entry to to the againceasestatistics tables that allow bypassing the runningmachine’s configuration.”

It is remarkablethat aftera person accesses thosestructures from a statistics table, their movementsaren’t logged with the aid of using the machine; thereby making detection lotsgreater problematic. This contradicts Dr. Coomer’s assurances that the machine is secure.That becameagain in 2016. Fast ahead to 2020 and what can welocate? Our presidential election has come to be fraught with statistical anomalies with reviews of “glitches” that move in desire of the Democrats.Investigative journalist Jordan Schachtel publishedat the Coomer debacle:

“A journalist became suspended with the aid of using this platform [Twitter] the day before today for surfacing alleged Facebook posts displaying Coomer became an Antifa supporter and that he seemed to be calling for violence in opposition to President Trump.”“Dominion has invested in harm control & is taking numerous steps to reinforce its reputation. They have made over their wholeinternet siteso one can address ‘rumors,’ even as actively scrubbing the net of any point out of Coomer. Clearly, they have gotemployed a PR organization to do that work,” Schachtel added.Coomer writes that President Trump is a “fascist” and that he represents the “worse of humanity.” He additionally claims Antifa isn’t always an employer and has no “structure.”

We understandthat is a lie.Antifa is extraordinarily organized. Former contributors have come aheadto talk about the lengths thosehome terrorists visitshield their anonymity. They vet people whodesireto enroll in their employer.Eric Coomer had no commercial enterprisegetting access topcstructures that had the capacity to hack the election. The manseems to be a zealot who believes Antifa is the answer. So, the query is how a wayscould he visitadjust the election while he sees the president as Adolf Hitler?Eric Coomer, his statements on Dominion, and his very own politics are extraordinarily relative to the 2020 election. He is a part of what attorneysname the “preponderance of the evidence.”Cornell Law internet site: “Under the preponderance standard, the weight of evidence is met while the birthday birthday celebration with the weight convinces the truth finder that there may be a extra than 50% hazard that the declare is true.

”When you keep in mindall of themasses of sworn statements of alleged election fraud, the recognizedpc glitches, and upload Eric Coomer, the weight of evidence is met. This manner courts have cause to listenthoseinstances and locatetreatmentsin the event that they agree election fraud happened.That’s why it’s far our obligation as residents to byskipin this information. Only whilethe bulk of Americans apprehend this election had the capacity for systemic fraud, are we able to then properthe incorrectwithinside the courts and start to heal.

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