Developing: All you need to know about Eastern Security Network

Developing: All you need to know about Eastern Security Network

“What is eastern security network” is biggest question trending now on Nigerian social media platforms. Everybody is terrified and at the same time happy. It’s just mixed feelings with a little bit of cold feet. I have seen people praying for the stoppage of eastern security networks because to them it might start a war in Nigeria. Lol!!,. People are scared to death because of it but why are they scared. ESN is created to protect ,not harm them.

Mazi Nnamdi kanu created ESN on 12th December. He made the announcement during his broadcast. He cited that because the old eastern region governors (south east and south south plus parts of middle belt and Edo) has refused to creat one,he has stepped in to make sure the entire biafranland is secured. He warned that days of begging is over, from now on we fight for our fatherland. Fulani will never override our lands raping and killing our mother’s as they go.

Currently ESN has three camps where these soldiers are trained although no one knows where it is. I am sure by now Nigerian government must have launched drones to find out the locations. Each camp houses nothing less than 500 thousand men under serious training.

Over two million Biafrans has made their interests known seeking to be part of ESN. someone once said a jobless person is a free agent. Nigerian government has ensured these guys remain jobless but currently they are gainfully employed by ESN ,Glory to God.

ESN wears a blue camouflage with blue,red,black berets. They are well equipped and heavily armed;some would say “armed to the teeth”. Don’t forget each of them has a bullet proof vest which is estimated to cost 180 thousand naira . Each of them bears an AK-47 rifle or short or long centimers with some having English made pumps. Actually these are simple weapons considering its just for internal security within biafranland.

The Arewa core north are having a bad day over Eastern security network,but why is that?.The northern Nigeria created Hisbah and sharia court within a democracy , the Yoruba launched Omotekun and no one said nothing,so why are they shaking over ESN ?. Anyway they should get ready because ESN has started operations across biafra

Men like Uwazuruike with weak spine has condemned the wonderful work of MNK.

Northerners has moved to create NSN which is northern security network but as always they were sabotaged by their siblings who sponsors terrorism .